Friday, August 28, 2009

Effects of Laziness (cause and effect)

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “lazy”? Many people say that laziness is an act of disobedience and disrespect. What do you think is the reason behinds people’s laziness? The purpose of this essay is to discuss three effects of laziness on our family, school, and social life.

In our family, when someone gets lazy, our parents get irritated. They ground us for a week or a month or even worse, they will cut off our allowance. For example, when we ignored our sister or brother when they ask something from us, they will get annoyed at us because they asked something that we did not accomplish. This will sometimes lead to a fight or disappointment.

The second part discusses how laziness can affect as a student. When we say school, home works, quizzes and exams comes in our minds. If we apply our laziness on these factors, the effect is that we may fail subjects or we may even choose to drop them. For example, when we have homework or exams on the day after, we sometimes forget them and finish those things we wanted. One aspect of this misbehavior is technology because as we can see, technology really changes our life, at the same time, it changes our behavior as well our personality. Our professors will then never give us another chance because of our misbehavior.

Lastly, laziness can affect our social life. When we are courting someone, we should always give time and patience to the one we love. But if we are too lazy to wait, it will only lead us to lack of appreciation or worse, the person we are courting may no longer return the feelings. We will also have fewer friends because of our bad habit and misbehavior. Lazy people are often not trusted by many and are hard to be with.

No one likes to be there situations, so if I were you, I will start to work hard and do my best at all times. I will try to avoid my bad habits. How can we do that? You should have some sort of inspiration or something that could give you energy to accomplish a task. It can be your parents who always tried there best all the time or it can be our brothers and sisters. Always remember that “laziness is a sin”

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